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Central Heating Power Flushing in Solihull & Surrounding Areas

If your heating system is suffering from the common signs of iron oxide build up then get your FREE no obligation quote for power flushing in Solihull today.

We offer an array of services including the best power flush service in Solihull and regularly help our customers save up to 25% on their fuel bills, our team of dedicated, fully trained, insured and police checked engineers can power flush commercial and residential heating systems of any size and usually take as little as a day to complete a full power flush to a central heating system.

power flushing in solihull

What Benefits are Associated With Power Flushing?

There are many benefits from having a power flush performed, including:

  • Reduced boiler noise and pipe noise, even stops boiler cut outs.
  • Faster system heat up time, giving you a warmer home quicker.
  • Radiators heat quickly and evenly, without any cold spots.
  • Lasting protection against future build-ups, increasing your heating systems lifespan.
  • Save up to 25% on your fuel bills with your more efficient system.

How do I know if my central heating system needs a power flush?


Listed below are some of the many symptoms of system corrosion, which results in a build up of iron oxide sludge and other deposits. Central heating systems suffering from one or more of these symptoms would benefit greatly from power flushing in Solihull.

Little or no hot water from taps & fittings

This occurs as the sludge and lime scale coats the inside of pipes and heat exchangers, this reduces the amount of hot water able to exit the system through taps and other fittings.

Discoloured water when bleeding radiators

The appearance of black or brown water when bleeding water from your heating system is a sign of internal corrosion and suggests a build up of iron oxide sludge and other deposits is occurring.

Your Boiler runs loudly or cuts out regularly

If boiler noise has increased or your boiler cuts out on a regular basis this is often the result of the accumulation of deposits in the system, which could result in a costly repair or replacement if not dealt with.

Radiators have cold spots

This results from a build up of black sludge and lime scale inside the radiator, these cold spots stop your radiators from working at their peak efficiency, costing you more to heat your home. A power flush will remove these cold spots, ensuring your radiators heat evenly.

Radiators cold at the bottom

This results from a heavy build up of black iron oxide sludge in the radiator, it collects in the bottom of the radiator and can block the flow of water into and out of the radiator. A power flush will remove these heavy deposits and let water circulate freely through the whole radiator.

Radiators cold at the top

Radiators that are cold at the top are suffering from a build up of hydrogen gases, a result of internal system rusting. These should be bled to reduce the excess air and a power flush performed to help stop the rusting process.

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